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Student Groups

Yamwits specializes in groups - both student and adult. We keep ths photo because they were our very first group with many memories.

Since 2001 we have hosted student groups - mostly archaeological students - but the church, youth and other groups as well. The length of stay for our groups range anywhere from one week to two months. We provide meals and packed lunches for guests going into the fields as well as cleaning and laundry services.

Various youth grous visit us on an anual basis - ejoying the open spaces, lush vegetation and of coure, the river. They are able to set up tents, play games and have camp-fires.

Adult Groups

Yamwits also hosts a number of adult groups.

Visitors heading to the southern part of the country, to the cayes, or heading west to the Mayan temples, often-times stay at Yamwits for a couple of nights to visit the Blue Hole National Park and surrounding places of interest before continuing their journey.

Groups of bicycle riders going from one part of the country to another, also stay for a couple of nights to enjoy the beauty of the locale and to rest for the other portion of their ride.

The tranquility of the locale is also ideal for Retreats/Workshops.

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