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Ms Joy

Thank you for your generous hospitality. We had an exceptional time. But the best was getting to know your family and the tales Errol told us. We will be back!

Becky & Steve Hoppert - February 2013

Dakota Born

From Minnesota

Belize bound!

Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful. Thank you for everything, except the extra 10 pounds I gained from all the fabulous food!

Laura Bishard - February 2013

Denver, Colorado USA

Thank you so much for everything. You catered to our every need. I would recommend this place to anyone who is coming to Belize.

Jodi Quinn - February 2013

Wilbraham, Massachusetts

To the Smith family

Yes, yes, yes. Super comfortable and very reasonable, neat people - all in all a wonderful stay.

The Grandmother asked for her wine by saying "Wine me up so I can wind down". Many thanks.

Myron Cook - February 2013

Salt Lake City, Utah

Thanks for the great stay. Loved the food, casual accommodations and very nice staff. I will be back.

Marva Brandon-Wilson - February 2013

Middletown, New Jerssey

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