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Yamwits is a modest, Belizean family-owned and managed enterprise which sits in the middle of a citrus orchard and faces the famous "Sleeping Giant" mountains.

A quiet getaway, off the beaten track there is no nightlife - just the scenic beauty of the locale and the warm family atmosphere provided by its hosts. The grounds maintain a welcoming presence, from a host of birds singing in the morning to beautiful sunsets at the end of the day. Ideal for groups; a convenient mid-point linking the rest of the country to the south and the west or just someplace to relax and do nothing.

Tours can be arranged upon request.

Yamwits now offers massages for your relaxation after a tiring day. Ask for "Patrice" - she will take care of you.

The upper flat consists of six (6) rooms, two of which are air-conditioned while the others are cooled with the ceiling and standing fans. Each room has a private bath with hot and cold water.

The wide verandah is a place to sit and relax while enjoying the serene beauty of nature. Birdwatchers!! This is the ideal location for your passion. From this verandah, many species of birds can be seen - including the "Toucan" and the "Hummingbird".

Yamwits may not be fancy, but our priority is to make our guests as welcome and comfortable as we can. Ask for "Marvin" - he will take care of you.

Come and experience the charm of Yamwits Lodge

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